A blog is a must to a business.

Having a business is good. Having a prolific business is even better. One of the ways to grow a business in the online platform is to have a blog.

A business blog offers huge opportunity to expose products and services online. The competitors always there, but with the informative business blog, it’s able to stand out from the crowded race.

The main objective to have business blog are to get new customer and at the same time to retain your existing customer.

About Me

My name Zaini Ismail. I’m currently running and maintaining two business blog since 2014. The two blogs are written in the Malay language. For the records, I actually start blogging on 2007 for the purpose of selling an ebook.

At the beginning of my business, I’m using famous online marketing techniques. Paid and free marketing. I had try and error with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Adwords, free advertising, classified website, and blog in order to reach more customers.

It’s very good at the beginning but due to budget constraint because I don’t have good capital financial, then I decided to stop all the paid advertising (Google Adwords and FB Ads).

Just focusing on free marketing. Once a while, I only update post on the Facebook page with customer testimonial, free tips and how to articles.

The only things I do often is updating my business blog. Once a week and mostly once a month. Then, the traffic keeps coming even not so high but it’s targeted users. The potential customer starts to contact me asking for the product. Very good sign.

I do some survey to the customer by asking them, “Where do you know about my business?“. Surprisingly, the answer from Google search and they found my blog.

Then I realized that using a blog is a good way, evergreen and it’s a great long-term marketing technique to attract targeted and potential customer.

With a little knowledge about of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and blog writing, I truly believe my business already achieve the target. For a newbie in business, it’s a huge achievement for me.

The good thing about blog are:

  • It’s almost free
  • You can write anything you want
  • The customer can contribute to your idea

At FiveTopic.com, I will share all the things I’ve done for business blog start from creating until managing the blog.

The five topics consist of:

  1. Blogging. The details about blogging techniques, tips, and guideline
  2. Marketing. The details about marketing the business blog to new and existing customer
  3. Customer. The details about customer and prospect of your business
  4. Tools on what and how to use the plugin and theme for the blog
  5. Technology on how technology able to help accelerate business blog

With 4 years managing the business blog, I’m really excited to give you everything I know throughout my post sharing.

You get the benefit. That’s priority for me.

Hope your business will continue to be successful.

Feel free to contact me if you have any comment, suggestion or anything at:

Twitter: @fivetopic
Pinterest: Pinterest FiveTopic
Email: info [@] fivetopic.com

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