5 Reasons Your Business Need a Blog

5 Reasons Business Need a Business Blog

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates.

This quote express by one of the most richest people in the world who has in the business arena since 1970. It means that even you are running business offline with physical store, you also need online platform to leverage the customer exposure.

One of the easy ways to position your business online is to create a business blog.

Why blog instead of a website?

The simple answer is, the website only shows static info about your company. In the conventional way of a website, there are certain pages appeared on the website. It looks not attractive to the visitor.

It’s not wrong having a normal website. It’s good and important for company profile but adding another module on the website called ‘blog’ section surely spread more information about what your company does.

The reason for the business blog to have several pages are to provide sufficient enough business information to the potential customer.

With a business blog, it offers more information than a website can do. Lets’ find out 5 reasons business blog require to a business:

1.  A Blog is Updated Information

The updated information comes from blog post. The content provided by business owner can be scheduled by part, episode, section or phase. It depends on how creative you create business story on the blog.


When the blog is updated every day, every week or every month, the customer know that your business in running and still available.

The business solemnly depends on the customer. They are like blood in the body. Without them, your business is nothing. Then, it’s our responsibility to ensure the business is active. One of it through updated information via blog.

2. Search Engine Love Blog

It’s back to the reason #1 above. The more up-to-date articles on your blog, the more search engine like Google or Yahoo love to publish your articles to the public.

When people search for something on search engine, they search for solution. That’s it.

The solutions might be anything from to treat disease, eliminate fear, to be happier, solve computer virus or product review.

So, the purpose of having business blog to provide all those solutions and channel to the people who search for it.

Search engine is the bridge to connect between potential customer and your business.

Thus, articles or blog post should able to attract potential customer but before it reach to customer, the articles also need to be relevant to search engine in order for it to be published.

By the way, did the blog post need  to gain search engine attention or customer attention ?

For us, focus on what customer need rather than search engine need.

At the end of the day, the search engine with definitely notices that you are creating articles to benefits potential customers.

3. Blog Have Two-Way Communication with Potential Customer

The easy way to achieve two-way communication is by looking for comment at the end of the blog post. The potential customer might have an inquiry on your product or services.

Rather than call or email you directly, the faster way they can reach you is to drop a question in the comment section.


The comment section describes your customer service response rate. The faster you reply to those comments, the better.

The details you reply to customer question in the comment section, the higher customer will rate your services.

This two-way communication benefits to the customer as well as business owner.

The customer gets the answer and the business owner will know what exactly the reader want from their business.

Thus, the business owner should treat the comment section as crucial as other communication media (call, Whatsapp etc).

4. Behind the Scenes to Gain Customer Trust

A typical business blog will publish the related business post. For example:

  • What your business is all about
  • How to contact your business
  • Free tips related to the business.

Moving to step further with the extraordinary blog post, the business blog can show behind the scene process.

For example, if you are selling muffin to school, it’s awesome if business owner to share:

  • The making of muffin – in the kitchen scenario, mixing the ingredients, baking the muffin in the oven etc
  • Delivery the muffin from the kitchen until receiving by customer
  • Interview session with the customer to get feedback


The sky is the limit.

With the blog, anything if possible to gain trust from your potential customer. In the online platform, the customer cannot see you. But the customer can justify and trust you with the activities around the business.

5.  Develop Business Followers

A great blog normally have their own followers. The followers is the group will most likely turn to regular supporter and buyer.

The followers can be determined by the numbers of:

  • Facebook follower or liker
  • Twitter follower
  • Instagram follow
  • Email subscriber

The follower refer to an individual  with sharing same interest within other follower.

For example, if you are running Corporate Gift Business, then your followers might be the one who love gift, souvenir or person came from schools (teacher, lecturer).

This is the important reason for a business blog. To build follower then eventually become community.

As we all know, not everybody will buy from us. Only specific customer which  matching the business and need will turn to a customer.

Business Blog for Business Continuity

A business start with a small setup then keeps expanding. The business does not operate only for a day unless the profit (a day’s business) can accommodate the entire life of the business owner. For the time being, no such thing we find that kind of business.

Business need to continuously grow from day to day. So, it’s necessary to have a business blog that able to provide constant exposure to your potential customers.

Our question is, did you have business blog?

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