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Online platform offer lots of advantages to business. Even a business located in the remote area, they still able to attract potential customer via internet online. Some of the successful business actually operate online through website like an e-commerce site.

The business blog which definitely running on online platform also can offer the same. Many businesses nowadays using the blog to attract more customer and build long terms relationship with current client.

So, what are the 5 things that define a business blog?

1. Explain business in details

It’s not just having a Contact Us and About Us page. It should be more than that. Business details mean everything around your business. Everything that customers should know. As a business owner, you can share staff profile, what your staff does best, product presentation in different angle through blog posting.


A business blog is a great opportunity to showcase your business. All you need is to share in details what your business do, for example:

  1. 1 st blog posting is about your staff expertise
  2. 2nd blog post about product details ingredient
  3. 3rd blog post about product benefits
  4. 4th blog post about business location,and the listing keep grows up.

If you constantly updating the blog with this useful information, the customer surely will notice your existence in the market.

2. Appreciate value customer

The customer gets value from your product or services. In return, you can appreciate them on your blog. With their permission, you may post their testimonial of the product they consume or use. Create a new category called “Our Value Customer” and express your appreciation to them.

Besides can be good relationship with the existing customer, it also can be portfolio to your business to attract new customer.

The customers are willing to purchase if others have done it before. The sales conversation is much easier. That’s the power of customer testimonial.

3. Sharing informative tips to blog reader

This is one of the reasons business blog exist. Rather than just hard selling, the business also can share benefit information to the potential audience. Nobody likes to be offer with product or services on first meeting. The more you share, the better respect you will receive from the customer.

Thus, with the sharing of such information like how to tips, video or podcast will gain reader high appreciation. It is because customer notice that the business is willing to help them with the supporting information and not just runaway after selling the product.

4. Gain Customer Trust

Most of us will not buy product or services online on the first blog visit. No matter how good the product is. It’s not about the price or the product but more to the trust to the seller. They afraid of lost and cheated as cannot see you in the real picture.


Using business blog, it creates the continuous good relationship with the readers. The loyal readers are the group of people who will finally become your customer as they already believe in you.

5. Special offer to the potential customer

It might be a free gift, coupon, discount, free e-book, trial version or free sample. In the exchange with that, you can request for name and email. Special offer should contain very useful item as good as the actual product.

Being a good business, you do not just give the ordinary product just for sake of customer email. The free version product should be irresistible and comparable to premium version.

Credit image: techmoran.com, clickdealer.co.uk

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  1. The matter you have highlighted above matter a lot, but business or organization
    should also pay attention to training of their employees and its needs can only be determined through qualified hr consultants.

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