Start a Business Blog Part 2: 5 Tips to Choose Domain Name

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This is the Part 2 on Start a Business Blog. In Part 1, I already share with you how to define the business goal. You may click here if don’t yet read the article. For the recap, the goal is the pillar of your business. That’s very important to be defined by every business owner.

So let’s continue with Part 2. After you plan and set the objective, then this is the implementation part. The first things to create a blog is to find a suitable domain name.

Thinking of register new business blog domain name might require some time. We hope the best suite for your business. It’s very crucial for the business owner to choose the best domain name for the business blog.

Domain name is an address of the blog. It’s similar to the home address. When a people want to visit you at your house, they will ask for the address. With the address, it’s a guide to reach your place without loss.

On Internet, the domain name actually represents IP address. Each domain has own IP address behind it. The reason why domain name translates to a name rather than IP is for people to easily remember the name.

As for knowledge, you can go to website In the Convert Host Name to IP Address or Vice Versa under Hostname type your domain name, for example, I’m using my blog domain name, Click Find IP Address then you will see the result appear.

find domain ip address

The result as below image:

how to find domain name ip address

As you can see, is actually represented by IP Address

Tell me, it’s easy to remember the name rather than IP address, right?

That’s the introduction of the domain name. Now, we are moving to the main objective on five tips to choose a domain name for your business blog. Let’s roll out!

1. Domain Name Similar to the Business Name

The common practice by the business owner is using the similar domain name for their business blog. For example, if your company name is ABC Enterprise, you can purchase a domain name like Simple as that.

choose business name

For the tips, it’s good to purchase .com domain rather than local domain name because visitor quickly to remember .com domain. With .com domain, your business exposure can up to global reach.

If you choose .my domain, it normally only focuses on Malaysia audience. Then, you limit your huge opportunity to get more profit.

2. Domain Name Represent Business Specialty

What did your business do? What do you offer to the customer?

The benefit of using domain name by business specialty is targeted to the customer issue. When customer facing any problem they usually will look for the answer in the search engine because they know websites or blog ready to offer them with the solution.

For example, a customer having a problem with their car. Let’s say unable to start in the morning. The notice a weird sound during ignition the key on or clicking sound. So, they start Google with the phrase “car unable to start clicking sound.

The result comes out as below:

business specialty blog

If you can see the first ten results by Google, the domain name are relevant to problem category. It’s about the car, repair car, automotive repair and mechanic. That we call domain name with specialty.

Moving further with the result, the website or blog is useful to the customer because it contains the solution to the customer problem.

Therefore, the keyword on business specialty should be considered as the domain name.

However, it also depends on the keyword that the blog is using because the search engine will consider many factors to rank in their result. I’ll share in the later post about website ranking.

3. Short Domain Name with Meaning

It’s good to choose shorter business blog domain name because it’s easy to remember.

For example, only consist two words. Simple. Actually, the best domain is using only a single word but it’s hard to find single word nowadays.

Most of the single word now been taken by other website owners. If still available (single word), it may be not have meaning on it. For example, Google.

Google using single word domain name without meaning anything (in English dictionary). It maybe has a certain explanation to the Google founder since creates it on first place but to the public, they don’t know the meaning of Google.

less is more

In today environment with more than 332 million domain name have been registered, single word domain nearly impossible to get. Then, two words domain name is the best choice to acquire.

The combination of two words with meaning on it is better because visitor still able to remember the word easily.

For example, It consists two words with the meaning of five topics covered to create a successful business blog. That’s only the main reason behind this blog.

4. Not Wrong Interpretation of Listening and Typing

When we listen to a domain name, it’s not exactly the same when we type it in the internet browser. The incorrect interpretation will cause the domain unable to access. It’s waste of time.

Worst case scenario, due to misunderstanding, the potential customer will run away from your business.

For example, if you told the customer your business blog is “good son dot com,” the customer may understand as “good sun dot com“. Even on the different alphabet ‘o’ and ‘u’, the website might redirect to another business.

Then the best way to overcome this issue is to tell the customer the domain name along with spelling the word. It should work because of easy to remember when we keep emphasizing the alphabet.

5. Avoid Number in the Domain Name

The great business blog domain name usually does not have a number on it. Only word. For me, no matter how catchy the domain name with the number, it’s still not good for the visitors.

It may raise confusing to understand the domain name. Almost same with misunderstanding word on point #4.

For example, when you told the customer you domain name is ““, then the understanding by the customer might be:


Nothing above domain name will bring traffic to your website.

In summary, if you still insist to use a number in the domain, ensure clearly explain to the visitor the correct domain name but the best approach avoids to use it.

Where Can I Purchase a Domain Name?

All hosting company offers with domain name registration. One of the best hosting company in the world is SiteGround because of rating as A+ for website speed rating by Bitcatcha.

Apart from the domain name, you also need a good web hosting to run your website. I will cover web hosting details. Click here to go to Part 3: How to Choose Reliable Web Hosting.

Stay tuned!


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