5 Useful Pages You Can Add to Your Business Blog


Using pages on the business blog is useful for the visitor to navigate from one section to another. The common pages that most business blog using are “Contact us“, “About us“, “Privacy Notice“, “Disclaimer and Terms and Condition“.

Nothing wrong with this kind of pages because it delivers benefit to your potential customer to find out more about your business. In a blog, there are more than just this common page.

Furthermore, the reason for the business blog to have several pages are to provide sufficient enough business information to the potential customer.

Did you know that there are another pages that gain more attraction by the visitor?

When the customer visits your blog at the very first time, they did not immediately purchase your product. They need time. They need excitement to make any decision.

They need every single detail information to understand your offer, product or services. Thus, below pages are useful to the potential customer then hopefully shorten their hesitation to your business.

Let’s find what are the five (5) useful pages you can add to your business blog.

1. Customer Page

When someone buys a product or services from you, they will become your customer. They became valuable to your business. To appreciate, you can create a page called “Customer.” The customer page is the place to show to others who your customers are.
When a visitor arrived at your site then find the “Customer” page with information about your satisfied customers, it will increase trust. When a visitor gain trust, it’s likely for them to proceed with the buy of your product.
You need permission from the customer to place their personal info, logo or anything on that page.
Some customers unwilling to expose to the public. Some customers are welcome you to do so because they are like to contribute to your business. Furthermore, they are happy and satisfied with your services.

2. Promotion Page

Running promotion is good to attract customer attention. Most peoples eager for promotion on a product. The promotion can be discount, voucher, free gift or free postage. Whatever it might be, as long as it offers something valuable for money.
One useful tip on running the promotion is getting customer info like name and email. Let’s say you are offering 5% discount to the new customer. Then you should ask for personal info in order for them to get the discount.
The customer data is the useful asset to your company. With that, you able to do the follow-up or offer with other value product to them.
The good promotion will bring more customers to your business but with one condition. It should be organized correctly especially on the budget.
The budget calculation on investment is crucial. If it doesn’t plan in the correct way, it will cause loss to your business without even notice.

3. How to Order

Customer like your product. They have money and eager to buy but disappointed because not find any guideline on how to order the product. It’s a major mistake for a business because you will lose a potential customer immediately.


How to Order page is a useful instruction or guideline on how to purchase the product. The good spot for How to Order page is at the top of the page and easy to see by the customer.

4. Request for Quotation

Due to Internet flooded with lots of same product but with the different seller, the customers tend to be smart. The customers usually will survey from the different provider to compare the price. Then, Request for Quotation page is come up to solve this issue.

It’s good to give the freedom to the customer to request the quotation from you.  At the same time, you have to provide the best offer you could give to them.

There are several type quotation you can provide to the customer such as:

  • Request for quotation form. In this form, you can provide the blank field with information like customer name, contact, item and quantity. If you’re running blog on WordPress platform, you can simply use a plugin. One of the best plugins is Contact Form 7. It’s free to download as easy to create a form.
  • Whatsapp application. Rather than show contact number with plain text, you can use a link to allow the customer to click and directly able to send the message to you. It’s called WhatsApp’s Click to Chat. All you need is to publish a link like this https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=0123456789. Just replace 0123456789 with your number.
  • Email the details required to you. It’s most commonly used by the customer when they need a quotation from you.

5. Request Free Sample

Everybody loves free product even a small plastic pen because it requires no cost to them. The free sample is actually a marketing strategy to allow the customer to test your product before deciding to purchase. In a big corporate client, sometimes it’s called Proof of Concept (POC).


It applies to the physical product as well as software. For the physical product, you may produce with small size and send to the customer for free. Remember point #2 about Promotion pages, always ask for personal info before release to the customer.

Include Pages That Attract Customer Attention

That’s the five useful pages you can add to your business blog. It might be more than that. Maybe you are using other pages and gain lots of visitors. Feel free to share with everybody here. Sharing is caring.

Credit image: markhocknell.com

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