7 Checklist to Build a Business Blog

Checklist to Build a Business Blog

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That’s a great news if you want to build a business blog. It shows that you are aware of how important blog for your business survivor.

As the guidance, there is a checklist to build a business blog. I will share with you in this post.

A blog is long-term marketing technique. It may take longer time than instant marketing (FB Ads, Google Ads) but the end result was so impressive. Many already proof it.

With a blog, you can build your own followers and positively at the end can become your loyal customer.

With a blog, you also can establish your brand by providing useful information to the visitor.

There is more blog can do. For business, it can be a great platform to increase your product sales.

The list goes on.

Here the 7 checklists to build a business blog. It might be more than this but as initial setup, it should be sufficient.

Check it out!

1. Niche Audience

The first checklist is to determine your audience. Means focus on a specific group of audience.  Your audience can be potential customers, reader, and subscriber.

Checklist to Build a Business Blog

Not every people will turn as your customer. Don’t be sad.

It’s important to know who are the group of people will use your product. Then, focus and target to this segment on your blog.

With a niche blog and targeted audience, you’re actually building authority or expertise.

When someone requires further assistance related to your core business, your blog will show up to offer the solution.

That’s the beauty of having a niche blog.

2. Content

The content is king. It’s an indicator of success and fails for a blog.

Content is the knowledge presented to your reader. The content should be your expertise, experience, and guidance to help your customer become better.

You can publish the content such as:

  • Text-based. It’s a normal blog post like you are currently read.
  • The picture which tells a thousand words
  • Video like YouTube
  • Audio like podcast

For a good business blog, the content should be consistent. If you are planning to publish 3 articles a week, then make it consistent.

As initial setup, you might be excited to update frequently. Maybe 3 articles a week but make ensure it doesn’t end up with 1 post a month.

You audience easily run away from your blog if you should that kind of attitude.

 Blog Post Frequency Customer Acquisition

A study from HubSpot shows that the more frequent you publish the post, the high changes you will get a customer.

If you are a blogger with a high enthusiasm for business, you able to write and publish multiple posts a day.

What you need to do is to blend between passion and great content to make a successful business blog.

Passion + Content = Successful Blog

Unfortunately, we are human. An ordinary person with limited time, family activities and other works as commitment.

It may sound impossible for a starter but for me, once a week is good as the beginning.

3. Domain Name

Another important checklist to build a business blog is having a good domain name.

In short, a domain name for a business website should include:

  • A name similar to the business name
  • A name that represents business specialty
  • A short name as possible for easy remembering
  • Easy to spell and pronounce
  • Not using the number to avoid confusion.

Every day, the domain been registered by people around the world.

According to Verisign report, on the first quarter 2017 itself, there is approximately 1.3 million domain name registered.

Means, every second a good name taken by people.

If you are planning to register the new domain name, the best time is now. If not, the chances for you to get the desired name is getting faded.

domain name statistic 2017

The domain name for the first quarter of 2017, the top 10 TLDs. Sources Verisign.

In order to buy a domain name, you can get from web hosting company. For example, SiteGround offer with domain name registration and web hosting.

I’ve written a brief post about the domain name. You can read at Start a Business Blog Part 2: 5 Tips to Choose Domain Name

4. Web Hosting

Apart from domain name is the web hosting. This two items actually work together to build a website.

A web hosting is the ‘house’ of all the blog, data, picture, video, audio and database. It stores all the data related to the business blog.

The specification of the hosting is different between one web hosting company to another. You can do a quick search which leads you to their customer testimonials.

Some of them offer bigger disk space but less on monthly bandwidth. Some of the offer with free SSL certificate, free backup and restore as value added.

Every web hosting has their own strategy to attract the customer.

As for me, for the start, the lowest specification is more than enough. This is because, for a website and blog, it doesn’t require higher space and bandwidth.

As the time flies, you can upgrade to the higher plan if needed. Most of them are on autopilot. You just need to pay in order to get the higher plan in seconds.

Choosing good web hosting is very important especially for the reliability.

You want affordable web hosting but at the same time can offer robust performance and support.

I’m currently using SiteGround to develop this blog.

As of today, I’m really satisfied with the performance and technical support. Very helpful.

For the performance and consider a cheap web hosting, SiteGround offer both.

Even better, SiteGround offer 60% off from the regular price. You need only $3.95 per month for StartUp web hosting plan.

Click here to grab the promo.

5. Blogging Platform

What are the other checklists to build a business blog?

The answer is the blogging platform.

Two most popular blogging platform is WordPress and Blogspot. WordPress then split into two which is WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

For a free version, you can use WordPress.com or Blogspot.com. Then your blog will look like this:

  • myblog.wordpress.com
  • myblog.blogspot.com

For a business blog, it’s nothing wrong if you are using the free version but it might look unconvincing in terms of professionalism.

For me, if you have the domain name and web hosting, go for WordPress.org.

In web hosting cPanel, it offers for free for the WordPress. All you need is to install and ready to use.

Since 2008, I’m using WordPress as my preferred blogging platform. I do have a free blog by Blogspot before 2007. That’s for fun during that time.

After that, I never use Blogspot and stick with WordPress for more than 10 years. In short, I’m happy with WordPress.

6. Product Offer

The next checklist to build a business blog is the offer.

This is one of the key parts to differentiate between you and your competitors.

People always ask, “Why I need to buy from you? Others also sell the same things.”

The offer comes with various type, which are:

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP). For example, Dominos with “30 minutes delivery or it’s free”. You also should have your own USP in your business. My approach with t-shirt printing business, the USP is free delivery for order with 30 units and above.
  • A promotion which you can plan for giving discount or voucher to attract new customer. For existing customer, you can offer with festive season discount.

7. Marketing

The business continuity hardly depending on marketing. It’s ongoing activity need to be running every day.

Marketing should be considered as one of the focus for your business.

Luckily, a blog also acting as the marketing channel. You own a blog, means you are on the right track to expose your business.


Tell people every day. Credit image: Vincentwee.

Plan the marketing activities using the business blog. For example, you can have a video post about how to use the product you are selling.

Let’s people see your product in the action.

Then, you can add the call-to-action for the customer to buy the product. That’s a good way to increase blog visit via video.

In conclusion, you now have the checklist to build a business blog. Let’s continue with the works.

Nothing is achieved with just checklist without following with action.

Planning without action is futile. Action without planning is fatal.


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