4 Steps How to Create a Great Blog Post


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Let’s continue with part 6 on how to create a blog post. A good blog post can increase your reputation. At the same time, it also can increase your business exposure to reach more peoples.

Writing a blog is not necessarily require to sell something. In fact, a blog is a platform to educate your customer. The customer should learn and know before deciding on purchasing.

You should tell them about your business in details. Start building a relationship with the potential customer because they are the life of your business.

Let’s your customer know about your business before you decide to offer them with something.

For me, the blog is a great way to establish that purpose. Every time the visitor read your blog, they start to learn something about you and the business.

Besides that, the customer realized that you are not only want to sell to them but far beyond than that, you want to help them.

In the end, they are willing to invest in the product you recommend.

If you miss out previous parts on how to start a business blog, you may click on the link below to start over:

So now your WordPress blog is ready. That’s cool.

All you need to do right now is write your very first blog post. It’s not a hard job to create a blog post despite the difficult part was to find the idea of the blog writing. It’s because it requires a proper planning and research.

Ask yourself this questions:

  • What do you want to write?
  • What do you want to share with your visitor?
  • Did this blog post benefits to my visitor?

Don’t worry. Every problem has the solution. I’ve prepared four (4) steps how to create a blog post. Hopefully can benefit and guide you in blog writing.

1. Planning the Blog Post

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” 
-  Benjamin Franklin

Planning is the pillar of creating a blog post. For me, I normally start with determining a subject of the post. The subject is the title. It may begin with a general title but slowly narrow to the specific title.

After that, write down the important points related to the title. Anything across on your mind.

I use a mind map to aid the development of the idea. At the beginning just write down whatever you’re thinking might be useful to the subject.

Simply ignore the right or wrong of the points because we are in the phase of planning. Nothing is wrong.


The mind map for subject choose a reliable web hosting

The example above is the mind map for the title of Choose Reliable Web Hosting. If you can figure out the mind map above, there are eight points I have discovered.

However, in the actual writing, I have combined it to four points only. The other points I use normally to support the main point.

That’s the good things about multiple points because you can use it in various form of writing. In the end, you will have a solid blog post to your audience.

2. Research and Reading

To create a stunning blog post, research is a must. The research includes the search for related information to support your article. You should not write without any judgment on your claim.

Therefore, reading and research other materials such as the newsletter, book or journal is the good way to strengthen your blog post.

The research is not necessary from the external or third party but also can from your you like simple mathematical calculation.

Still, to strengthen your claim, the reputable external or third party research is the best approach to use.

For example, if you said web hosting SiteGround can save 60% on the money, you should explain with a calculation like below table.

saving on siteground

With the calculation above, the visitor knows that if they subscribe for 3 years, the saving is much higher. They save lots of money for the hosting. The visitor able to catch clearly what you are going to say with the justification of the calculation.

Another example is the claim with general words.

For example, you mention about Facebook has lots of users registered with them, then you suggest your customer go with Facebook.

What’s the basis for the claim?

The terms “lots of users registered” is a general claim without justification, especially from the third party. No numbers to represent the lots of users. Actually, nothing wrong with the statement but it seems unconvincing.

So, what you can do is to perform some research on the other websites. Ensure the website is reputable.

You can start to search for terms like “Facebook statistic 2018” then you will find the fact of your claim.

For the statistic, you might find the website like Statista which they are good on internet statistics. Use it as justification for your statement.

3. Create a Blog Post

In WordPress, to create a post, technically:

  1. Login to your blog
  2. Click on Post at the left sidebar
  3. Click Add New
  4. Write subject, body, category, and tag
  5. Insert image on the post body.
  6. Set features image

setting blog post

Create a blog post menu. More details you can discover on the image above.

4. Writing the Blog Post

The first objective to write a blog post is to ensure:

The post is benefits to a people or group of peoples. Of course, you want to benefits as many people as you can. The more people read your articles, the better.

Write the post with the focus on the visitor, not you. Solve visitor problem and make them happy with your solution. In the simple word, help them.

Write with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique. Use relevant keyword for better ranking.

You can use plugins called Yoast SEO to guide your writing in better SEO. Then hopefully, your blog post able to rank higher in search engine result.

Writing a blog is not similar to academic writing. Not to be so stiff. Just write like you talk with people in front of you. Use simple word as long people understand.

Most of the great blog using this approach on their blog post. When we read their blog, it seems like they talk with us.

It makes us feel comfortable, fast digest and better understanding. This is because their writing aligns with their audience speak.

What type of blog post can you create?

Anything related to your business.

Anything that can expose your offer to the customer. As a business blog, you can create a blog post about:

What did your business do? Example product (or service) offer, product requirement, product presentation.

Behind the scene. Example packing item, cooking in the kitchen or delivering the products.









Behind the scene at the kitchen

Video about how to use the product. Video about your interview with your customer.

Survey form. The easy way to create a survey is using Google Form. With the survey, you can collect customer feedback and database in order to improve your business.

Poll. It’s good when you decide to launch more than two products. Let’s customer decide which product or service they preferred.

Product tutorial in step by step. This is one of the awesome blog posts you should think about.

Create a blog post on tutorial also benefits to your daily task. When a customer asks about the product, all you need is inform them to refer to the tutorial you created before. It saves your time.

People might interest on your product but they also require a guidance of it. Then, create a tutorial blog post to help them.

Customer feedback. It’s gain customer trust if you can show the happy customers who are currently using your product.

The feedback can be on Whatsapp screenshot, email, video or audio. People more likely to buy if other people already use it.

In summary, write a good post that benefits your visitor. When visitor loves your blog post, the will start to share with others and at the same time will increase your post engagement.

My question to you is, what do you do before create a blog post?

Feel free to share with us on the comment below.

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