Start a Business Blog Part 1: Define The Goal

create business goal

A business blog is one of the channels to reach your customers. As for me, the blog is one of the impressive marketing, especially to the new business. Actually, it’s easy to start a business blog. The one thing that really matters and important to success is passion.


passion and determination create success
Passion and determination create success

A blog is just a marketing platform. You can use other marketing platforms to tell peoples about your business. You may use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. You freely to choose either to go for free or paid advertising.

But did you know that there is something very special having a business blog? You can get more exposure, more subscriber and more visitor noticed about your business.

In this blog, I will focus on how to create and maintain a business blog. Everything that I use all the time to running t-shirt printing and corporate give business.

After almost 4 years, the marketing using blog bring me a consistent traffic and customers. That’s the beauty of a blog.

This article is the first part of five (5) parts that I will share with you on how to create and maintain a business blog.

Trust me, if you put tremendous hard work, sacrifice and passion to develop it, you surely able to turn your business to the higher level of success.

Part 1: Define Business Goal

As for me, the business goal only divides into two:

  1. Mission
  2. Vision
create business goal
The goal to achieve victory

#1. Your Business Mission

If you newly setup your business, on the first day you should know about your mission. The mission drives your company. It’s what your company do, who your customer or how your business works. In short, the mission is your core business.

It’s  very important to focus on your visitor. The more you know about them, the high chances you will turn them into a customer. You should know about them and start building the trust. So, the mission should be targetted on the customer.

The example of the mission are:

Business: T-shirt printing
Mission: To provide quality t-shirt printing

Business: Corporate Gift
Mission: To deliver quality and affordable corporate gift.

My first question, what is your business mission? If you don’t have, take a time to think about it.

#2. Your Business Vision

A vision is a long-term goal. What your company will be recognized in the future? In short, it’s the reason you are building your business since the first day.

It’s about your business hope and dream. In most cases, you want to be the number one, top priority or authority in the market. It’s the ultimate goal of the business.

For example:

Business: T-shirt printing
Vision: Preferred t-shirt printing company in Asia

Business: Corporate Gift
Vision: Leader to the corporate gift in Asia

With clear mission and vision, it will provide strong grip to team and staff in order to achieve company objective. Each team member should deeply understand these two things for business success.

Why Mission and Vision Important to a Blog?

Because of one reason. Focus.

Focus on business blog
Focus on the business blog

The mission and vision will definitely guide you to focus on your blog presentation. You won’t slip away from the initial direction.

At the first blog setup, you might have a ton of ideas in your mind which is not just about business. It may be about your personal lifestyle or your family. You want to share anything and everything on the blog.

Remember, the business blog is about your business. Nothing else matter. When you start a business blog, just focus on the mission and vision. Write the useful articles, sharing informative video or promote your product only related to your business.

The customer will notice that you are really passionate about your business. You care about your audience.

Always remember, the customers don’t want to know about your family, your vacation even your lovely pet. The only matter to the customer is what you can offer to help them to solve the problem.

What is Your Business Goal?

Definitely to solve customer problem either to:

  1. Eliminated the customer fear
  2. Make customer happy
  3. Simplify customer work
  4. Make more money
  5. Become better person

In the great book Delivery Happiness by  Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, there are three reasons to achieve your business goals. It is passion, purpose and profit. It’s a great book for a business owner. You can learn how Zappos build their business, treat the customer as well as their staff to grow.

  1. Passion for your business,
  2. Purpose to serve the customer in a great way especially on customer service
  3. Profit will come later after you do two things above.

The research by the University of Scranton says 92% of people don’t achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter as long as you have the goal and know what to do to achieve that.

For a business, the goal should follow with the action. You can be the other 8% who reach the goal.

That’s it for the beginning on how to start a business blog. It more about your business and how to focus on your objective.

In the next article on Part 2, I will share about how to find a great domain name to create a business blog. Click here to go to Part 2: Tips to Choose Domain Name


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