7 Tips How to Blog Consistently and Why It’s Important


Consistently in blogging is very hard. It comes with pain and sacrifice. When it’s not taken seriously, your blog will be left behind and disappear among millions of the blog.

Apart from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and backlink, one thing that I learn from successful blogger is the consistency. It’s far more important than any tips and techniques.

These group of bloggers who I follow has this common attitude. They publish the blog post frequently.

As the result, the blog keeps refreshing with updated content. When a blog is fulfilled with new and great content, it’s a good sign your blog is active and beneficial.

Why blog consistently is important?

i) Keep visitor attached with your blog. Fresh content encourages the visitor to read every day. Same with me when following certain football blog. It makes me addicted to the blog and feels something wrong if not reading the blog in the day.

ii) Google love updated content. When Google or search engine like your content, you have high chances to be in their top search result. In the end, your blog will receive more traffic and visitor. It’s actually a marketing strategy.

iii) The reader knows you’re still ‘alive.’ It’s not wise to leave the reader in waiting. Perhaps in the first place, you are excited to update on weekly basis but after a certain time it changes to monthly update, you reader will run away.

How to Blog Consistently

“If content is king, consistency is queen. Credit image dreamstime.

So, how to blog consistently? I will share my tips and experience.

Like I said before, I’m also facing the same issue of consistency. Don’t be upset. We’re all human with many commitments to be done.

Then, what I do?

1. Set The Goal

Define clearly what is your main goal on the first day you set up the blog.

It’s just for fun or you want to share your experience with others. Maybe the goal is to make money blogging.

Whatever it is. The goal should be your main focus. Your goal always achievable.

It’s a matter of action to attain it. Then the action is to write a blog post consistently to reach your goal.

Since you have the goal, you’ll not slip away from the objective. It keeps the good momentum to give the best to the blog. You feel passionate about your blog. You want to give more to the reader.

2. Allocate Dedicated Time to Blogging

Time constraint is the first reason why I don’t write the blog post frequently. Busy with daily routine and end up with tired at night.

I realize that because I failed to plan my time properly.

To overcome this, I allocated at least 3 hours a day to write something on the blog. Even the post is half-cooked, I’m still happy because I’m in the writing mood.

I’m writing at least reach 500 words a day. Ignore about the grammar and sentence. It can be corrected later.

time is gold

Time is more than gold. Credit image Almrsal.

Appreciate the writing time and use it wisely. Just focus on blogging during that particular period.

3. Make a List Blog Title

Preparing the blog title list actually to avoid writing block. The list is the raw materials or blog idea.

Write the title at somewhere else. I normally use Gmail and save it as the draft all the titles. You also can use the sticky note on your computer to write it down.

It doesn’t matter either a good or bad title. The list should store the idea so that you won’t forget it the future.

The development of the title and idea begin when you want to write the blog post. As you already have the idea, so the next step to develop it become much easier.

On the first day setup this business blog, I’m able to make a decent listing. I write down more than 10 titles.

After filtered on the idea, I end up writing only half of the list. The blog post actually was blending between each idea.

4. Get Rid of Distraction

How to blog consistently if you have a distraction? The distraction not necessarily an earthquake or thunderstorm. The tiny things can lead you to stray away from blogging.

The most common things are Facebook and YouTube. When you start opening both of this website, it indirectly stealing your time.

As for me, watching YouTube drag me more than one hour. YouTube make you want to watch more and more. Most of the time we will go far from the initial purpose.

What I do is close the YouTube and Facebook. Just open my blog and Google to search and verify some info.

If the info is coming from YouTube, it starts scared me. For the external link from Youtube, usually, I will put it on the post after complete the whole writing process.

5. Set The Target and Schedule

For example, you want to publish three (3) blog posts a week. Then how to blog consistently to achieve that target?

Set the schedule to achieve the target.

sample to do list

Sample to-do-list. Credit image Capitalizm.org.

You may divide into three days of publishing like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Follow this schedule to achieve the target. If you set three days a week, you actually writing every day.

It’s happened to me because the blog post needs lots of extra work such as much longer time.

It sometimes takes 2 days to complete a single blog post. The works include research, backlink, picture and designing a Pinterest image.

The schedule is like this:

  • Research on Saturday, writing on Sunday and published on Monday.
  • Research on Tuesday, writing and publish on Wednesday.
  • Research on Thursday, writing on publish on Friday.

As the outcome, you now able to achieve the 3 blog post a week. For me, it actually a tough task but nothing is impossible.

But what happens when you do not achieve your target? Move to the next point.

6. Set The Reminder

We may forget to do something due to daily works.

Get somebody to remind you. Find tools to remind you.

Use your smartphone. Install reminder apps. There are lots of apps. I don’t want to force you to stick with specific apps. Most of the apps have the same function to trigger the activity at the specific time.

As for me, the easy way is using the alarm on phone to remind blogging time. It’s easy as you set your morning alarm.

Here the reminder that you can apply to trigger the time:

  1. Phone alarm. That what I’m using now.
  2. Wife/husband.
  3. Billboard. Write on your desk.
  4. Reminder apps on the smartphone.

7. Reward Yourself

Another tip on how to blog consistently is by rewarding yourself with small appreciation. For example:

  1. Receive a vanilla ice cream once complete a blog post
  2. A cup of coffee with bread
  3. Watch YouTube for half an hour.
  4. Play video games for half an hour

Anything. As long it can give something to your achievement.


“I achieve my target. Let’s enjoy.” Credit image Tefal.

Maybe you want to set a bigger reward for a bigger task. For example, if you achieve 15 articles a month on your business blog, you will go for dinner with your partner at a famous restaurant.

Discipline is The Key

Whatever you do to blog consistently, it actually depends on how you adhere to blog writing discipline. We can set everything but if we breach the rules, the blog is not moving.

I believe you have a great enthusiasm to take your blog to another level.

Share with me and others, how to blog consistently? What do you do?


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