5 Ways to Build Customer Trust Using Blog


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One of the most important elements in online business is customer trust. At the very first visit to your blog, nobody will trust your service or product although everything you said is pure truth.

Moreover, the visitor tends to run away from your website if you directly sell the product to them. It like a salesperson knock at your front door, take out a bottle and immediately ask you to buy from him. The business is not easy as imagined.

To build customer trust is a long journey. The famous quote ” Rome wasn’t built in a day” express that it’s needed for the time to create a great thing. Trust is the absolutely a great thing needed in your business. Without trust, no matter how great your product, it hard to sell to the customer.

In the online platform, the good way to achieve customer trust is using a blog. Let’s take a look five (5) ways how to build customer trust using a blog.

1. Expose Yourself

It doesn’t matter how vast technology your business is adopted, at the end of the day, it all about human. People buy something from people. The technology only a medium to smooth and accelerate the business operation. Even without technology, your business still able to run.

As a business owner, it’s important to introduce yourself to your potential customer. They should know with whom there are dealing with. What you can do is to expose your experience and get everybody notice.


You can write about your experience related to the business. If you don’t have any business experience, just introduce yourself. Introduce your name, you current job and what is your objective to help your customer with the product or services you offered.

The best way is to create a page called About Us on your blog.  When visitor knew your story, it will slowly build the trust between you and your visitor. Visitors now know they are dealing with a person who are willing to help them.

2. Show Business Details

As a business, it needs to register for the company to operate legally. Each country has dedicated organization to govern the business entity. You may start to register a business (sole proprietorship) for the beginning. In future, you can upgrade to the better business entity.

The sole proprietorship is the simplest business form. With it, you already can operate a business. You can register sole proprietorship even using your own name or a trade name.

When you register a business, it shows how serious you desire to trade with the customer. As you already register the business, you can show your business details such as business registration name and number. You may display on the top or at the footer area of your blog . Get visitors know they are dealing with genuine business.

In addition, you also can display your business name on Facebook fanpage, Twitter, Pinterest and email signature. The trust start increasing since the moment your blog visitor notice that you are an genuine organization.

Build customer trust by using business information is a great way especially for new business. As the new business, nobody knows your existence. If you hundred-percent rely on the internet as marketing channel, the competition much tougher. To stand out from the crowded market, be a register business entity is a great approach.

3. Show Your Contact Details

You contact details is the communication bridge between you and your potential customer. Avoid using single communication medium. Rather than using the only email, it also good to have the mobile contact number, office contact number or even better a Live Chat on your business blog.

The more communication channel you provide, the more customer is happy to reach you because you give them an option. It can help them according to their own wish. In business, it’s not about you, it’s about them; The customer.

Not all customer prefer to contact you via email. Some of them, want to hear a genuine human voice. They want to talk to you because more satisfy listen by themselves the offer you will provide.

People like to talk rather than email as it’s the easy and faster way to deliver the message. Beside can build customer trust, it also can reduce hesitation to your business.

4. Show Your Customer

People buy when other people buy. It’s same apply to me and of course also for you. We do review or research on the certain product (or service) that we really need, then we found other people use it. Furthermore, the people review the product base on their experience. The trust automatically begins to increase to get that product.

show customer on blog

A Customer page on your blog it a must so that visitor know you already having business with somebody. Put also customer testimonial as well as logo if you are dealing with the organization such as government, school or private sector.

It gains more confident to other customers acknowledged that you are not only having business with the individual but with the large customer. More point to your reputation.

5. Fast Response to Enquiry

People need a fast response to their question. For example, if a customer is sending a message using Whatsapp, within a minute they want for the reply. For those who take it for granted, you will lost your customer. Lost customer means kill your business.

For example, web hosting company, SiteGround is using Live Chat. As my experience contacting them, the response time is within 5 minutes. In business perspective and credibility, they have my respect.

Response time is crucial. If your business requires a longer time to close the deal such as wedding consultant, you need a dedicated sales person to stick with the customer.

Treat the customer wisely, fulfill their request even and at the of the day, they don’t buy from you. Don’t disappoint because you actually learn to become a responsible salesperson.

People might ask the silly question but it’s actually to test your response to them. The faster your reply with the relevant answer, the better you are building a relationship with them.

You Can Gain Customer Trust Using Blog

The useful information, assistance, and effort you provide on your blog are actually the correct path to build customer trust.

Throughout my experience, when the customer trust on you, the next step becomes much easier. Profit is waiting for you as well as the relationship with the customer.

Find your best way to gain customer trust. Everybody can do it. Just trust yourself.

Credit image: twodropsofink.com, zendesk.com.


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