9 Blog Posts That Get Customer Attention

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There are lots of blog posts on the internet but not all get customer attention to read it.

Did each blog posts that get customer attention will success in terms of helping people?

You and I as the reader normally intent to click blog post which has an eye-catcher headline. The headline that suits our need.

We read the blog post almost every day which offer the solution, tips, and technique. Some for entertainment and general knowledge.

For a business owner, thinking of having a blog post that gets customer attention is a necessity. The customer should get benefits on the solution that you offer.

So, what are the 9 Blog Posts That Get Customer Attention?

Let’s find out.

1. Free Sample Blog Post

Everybody loves the free sample. It’s not just kids who love it. I also want the free sample but my wife is good at getting it.

For a business, this is one of the best marketing technique to be implemented in your checklist.

In the exchange with the free sample, you may ask for personal information like name, email and contact number.

The potential customer then becomes your subscriber.  The next step of engagement become easier.


Example of the free sample by baby diapers company

For example, if you sell body perfume to women on the website (online), you may pack it in the smaller size.

Just enough for a week of use for them to feel the perfume. Selling perfume online is tough because of customer unable to experience the essence.

You may claim the perfume was exceptional and long lasting but at the end, it depends on customer preference. Different people might have different taste.

Fortunately, with the free sample, the potential customer has ‘hands-on’ experience on the perfume.

You might lose several units of perfume but it’s worth to invest in this particular marketing.

To achieve that, you may write a blog post to offer the free sample and provide with the form for the customer to fill in their personal information.

This type of blog posts surely gets customer attention because they will receive a free item with no cost to them.

2. Free Gift Blog Post

What is the different between the free sample and free gift?

The free sample does not require the customer to purchase anything in order to get it. They just provide personal information, then you deliver the sample.

But for a free gift given after the customer completed purchases your product or service within a certain limit.

When customer saw the offer with a free gift, most likely it will grab their attention. Then you should start to think about this blog post.

For example, with purchase of USD250 item, the customer is eligible to get an umbrella as the free gift. The umbrella act as the promotional item.

It’s waste of money if you just give a plain umbrella. The good practice for the free gift is to print your company logo, website or contact number on it.

Let’s customer remind you every time.

3. Early Purchase Discount Blog Post

Other blog posts that get customer attention is introducing early purchase discount. People won’t purchase from you on their first visit.

They only read through your offer, think, compare and might end up forgetting it.

How to overcome this trend?

By giving early purchase discount. The discount should not look too ‘attractive’ like 80% discount. Smaller discount will do like 5% as long you still have profit on the transaction.

first puchase discount

Sample first purchase discount encourage the customer to take action by Cmagnets.com

Insert the term and condition like the expired date of the offer.

The potential customer feels encouraging by the discount to proceed with the purchase. They know it’s a good opportunity to grab.

This type of blog post surely will get customer attention as you offer them a great saving event with a smaller discount.

4. Season Purchase Discount Blog Post

Every year there are lots of festivals related to community, religious and race. Eid, Christmas, New Year and the list goes on.

Apart from celebrating it with their lovely family, you also can give the customer with season purchase discount.

According to 2017 Deloitte holiday retail survey, totaled $1.0 trillion sales being made during the holiday season. Imaging, how big is the money on the table during the festive season.

As a quick tip, you can publish blog posts that get customer attention even before the festival begin. For example the Christmas sales, you may start as early as November. Let’s customer trigger the season discount.

5. Buy One Free One Blog Post

Next is the blog posts that get customer attention by offering free item upon purchase of the first item.

In the shopping mall, this approach widely uses in clothes and foods. The good part about this offer is, your item will be sold faster.

buy one free one

Unfortunately, due to combining sales (buy one free one) you might get less profit than sold separately.

As for business, it still a good practice as long you can enjoy the profit and cover the operational cost.

A blog posts that offer the saving to customer easy to get social media sharing by people.

Even they end up not buying your product, generously they will click like or share your blog post to benefits their friend. It can be done by adding social sharing plugin to the post.

It seems viral marketing technique, right?

6. Free Shipping with a Certain Amount

The word “free” turn everyone with a smile, especially to your customer. Free means save the money.

For a physical product, the term free shipping become one of the killer technique to grab customer attention.

According to the Walker Sands Future of Retail 2016 study, nine of ten survey participants told free shipping was no. 1 incentive for them to make the purchase online.

Then in your blog post, the free shipping should be address accordingly. But remember to calculate the profit margin before implement the free shipping. It may harm your profit margin if not managed properly.

7. User Experience (Testimonial)

One of the reasons most people decided to buy when other people do so. The influence of other on making sales decision.

When your friend buy brand shoes, you also attract to have one, right? It called social proof.

When you write a blog post from your customer experience (testimonial), it will build trust for your product.

Take a screenshot of your customer testimonial. It’s might come with the various version such as email, Whatsapp or Facebook comment.

user experience

Safety and comfortable user experience, isn’t? Credit image thenewswheel.com

If other people read the blog post and at the same time facing the same problem as shown by the customer experience, the chances to get the sale is high.

It’s good practice to have this type of blog posts that get customer attention. I believe most people enjoy to read about other people experience.

8. Product Pricelist Blog Post

I’ve been practice this technique on my corporate gift business. Trust me, it works like a charm.

As we all know, there are hundreds of corporate gift with different price, design, and printing. It was time-consuming to attention the customer one by one when they asking the price.

Then what I do is take a time (a week I guess) to complete the price list. Once finished, I then publish the blog post to spread the price list.

The potential customer then can download it for free. It only needs their name and email to get the copy.

As the result, the blog post that offers price list received more than 200 shares and 787 email subscriber since launch on April 2016. For me, it was an impressive achievement just with a PDF format pricelist.

9. How-to Type Blog Post

People reach your blog because they want a solution. They want a response for their query. Thus, the how-to blog post normally falls into this category.

When you so called “solution provider” offer assistance by providing the solution, definitely people will embrace and appreciate more.

It can be anything about how to do something. From simple troubleshooting to 100 steps of the guideline, everything will help your reader settle their problem.

For example, I had published several blog post on how to do something. Take a look below:

Publish What Customer Want

One of it is the blog posts that get customer attention. In summary, the customer normally attracts blog post that benefits them in terms of saving, quick solution and guidance.

Think about it clearly before publishing any articles. Let’s every blog post get full attention from the customer.