5 Reasons Why Customer Testimonials Increase Sales

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My first question for you is, how do you know your customer love your product or services?

The short answer is from their testimonials.

Did you know that customer testimonial leads to increase product (or services) sales?

Testimonial = Endorsement, Recommendation, Satisfaction = Good product!

According to BigCommerce:

  • 92% of people read testimonials or online reviews for product research.
  • 88% trust online reviews
  • 72% trust business (product/services) if have positive reviews or testimonials.

Now you can imagine the power of testimonials which have more encouraging for the people to buy the product.

The testimonials might comes from the various type of sources such as email, Whatsapp screenshots, Facebook comment, Twitter comment, the third-party website, blog review or any other sources to justify the good of your product.

Even with a small effort like share, like, pin or smiley consider decent testimonials. In short, anything that mentions about customer satisfaction.


For example, if you want to start a business blog and wondering what are the best web hosting to use for, just Google it.

Just type “Review + your preferred company” and Google will provide you with 449,000 results (as at this post been written).

Read the first 10 results of customer reviews how good or bad the web hosting companies.

Another method is to compare with several companies. You will find several web hosting provider which received the positive review from their customer.

One of it is SiteGround.

The really good testimonials usually come from third-party. It might be from a housewife, executive, farmer or anybody who has used your product.

This group of people is not paid for writing.  They have no hidden agenda in reviewing your product. No even get paid to post it. It’s purely unbiased reviews.

The testimonials provide with honest and purely focus on the product value.

Ultimately, this type of testimonials are purely genuine and surely will boost your product sales.

Therefore, I’m glad to share with you the 5 reasons why customer testimonials increase sales?

Let’s check it out.

1. Lead Others to Buy

People buy when other people buy.

But as the people bought and used the product without share the review, nobody will get complete information about the product. Other people might don’t know the product is good or not.

There are peoples have a bad experience and unwilling to share their experience with others even with their close friend.

They are shy, will laugh and label as stupid having that product.

Luckily for us, there are the group of people really love to share their good experience with others.

The post testimonials and review not just with the story but completed with a picture to express their happiness.

Good testimonials surely will lead other people to take the same action. If people search for a solution on Internet, most probably they will be arriving at the product page which provides the answer.

In an e-commerce website, there are features called “Rating” which been mark by the previous customer.

One of the best ways to purchase a product online is by looking at the rating. The higher the rating, the good changes to get sell.

customer testimonials increase sales

As you can see above product, it received 96% rating (5 stars in total) which shows the product is very good.

Furthermore, most of the comments by the customers are “good quality”, “fast delivery”, “good value for money” and “excellent service”.

This Rating also a type of testimonial provide by the happy customer. With just a few good comments on earlier stage, it actually leads others to take action to buy the product.

2. True Customer Experience

The testimonial represents good experience on how customer rate your product.

In fact, we are glad to have this kind of customer with the initiative to share their true experience.

Yes, a true experience!

The true experience is the ultimate reference and has a high appreciation. Nobody can beat a true experience.

You can tell your product can solve X problem. Some might be agreed but it’s not a concrete statement.

But when the time your customer experience it themselves and really solve the X problem,


Peoples surely will start to search for your product and you will be amazed by the effect of the sales.

I’ve got a good experience with SiteGround in the early stage of choosing web hosting.

It comes to mind since I’m looking to build this blog for the business owner benefits.

testimonials customer experience

What I do is contact them two times to learn more about the hosting.

The customer service representative offer great assistance for the product there have.

You can read my true experience on My Own Experience: How to Transfer Website to SiteGround.

Google nowadays has turned to our best partner in providing product review in the different angle; good or bad.

All you need to do, search for the correct info.

3. Trusted by People

Maybe this should be the first point. As the customer used your product and satisfied, it encourages other people to trust your product.

The more peoples share their good experience, the higher the bonding of the trust.

Trust is built by a good product. The testimonials deliver the good product message.

As other peoples keep reviewing your product, other people start to realize the value.  People start to believe and finally trust in it.

Peoples trust will lead them to try your product. It’s a good indication to your business as will increase product sales. Sooner or later, you will see the high impact due to trust that people have.

4. Good for You Should Be Good for Me

Imagine this.

Your friend bought an iPhone. He then demonstrates the great features that iPhone have.

The picture, acceleration, bigger disk space and powerful performance.

Everythings look awesome. He keeps cheering and love the new gadget.

Trust your friend, they always there for you. Credit image SeanCast.

At the same time, you already have a smartphone with less specification than him. You’re using it for more than 5 years.

You’re facing with an unstable wireless connectivity, picture not really sharp and slow performance.

Pity you. Bad phone.

In short, your smartphone is annoying you compared to what your friend has.

What do you think at that moment? – Buy new smartphone.

What is your choice and consideration for the new smartphone? – Definitely iPhone.

You brain keep processing the greatest info from your friend. Your decision everything will go to iPhone. That’s the beauty of testimonial.

When it comes to reference, you unquestionably trust your friend.

Who else can assist you in terms of decision making unless your best friend?

5. Big Customer, Big Sales Impact

Let’s take a look at web hosting companies.

For a giant company like SiteGround, they surely have thousands of customer around the world.

They can put all their customer reviews on their website but to get the high attraction, SiteGround features only eight big and popular customers testimonial.

Some of them are Yoast SEO, WPBeginner and Review Signal.

It gains more attention and leads to new sales. When these big companies use and trust your services, it shows to the world that you are providing a great product.

This is because big companies also using your product.

In short, start collection your product testimonials.

Then, publish the testimonials on your website, blog and social media.

Let’s people trust your business. Hopefully, it will lead to increase in your revenue.


3 Comments on “5 Reasons Why Customer Testimonials Increase Sales”

  1. Customer testimonials is a really great strategy to increase lead conversion and gain more customers. As they say in inbound marketing, your greatest leverage is your current customers and so getting them to talk about your product and give a great review that you can feature in your website is a great way to attract more customers.

    1. Agreed with you Jamie about leverage current customer. The cost also much cheaper to marketing current customer.

  2. I have seen tons of businesses online that uses customer testimonials. Some are really great, but some are not so awesome. Although customer testimonials are generally great for businesses, a few times they are quite annoying and misleading. I have seen startups use big personalities to fake testimonials and its really bad. But still having customer testimonials are great customer drivers. Its like word of mouth, but the word is coming from your website.

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