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You already complete the tutorial to create a business blog. That’s great. Now, the bigger task has arrived.  You need to promote your business blog so that people know your existence.

With a fancy theme, plugins and several informative blog posts, all seem ready to be roaring online. That’s good but it doesn’t mean someone will reach to your post quickly.

As a new blog, for time being, only you read your blog.

Yes, only YOU.

Nobody will reach your blog. Then, how they are going to read your story?

If only you read the blog, it definitely not impressive enough and sounds not fascinating having the blog in the first place.

Then, what are the best way to promote a business blog?

I will share with you ten (10) tips how to promote your business blog. You may try all or just use several tips as the beginning.

Let’s begin.

1. Word-of-Mouth

This is the fastest way to tell people about your blog. You may tell your friends because for me they are the group who are really close to you.

You shared good and bad story almost every day with them.

So, why not tell them about your new business blog? Trust me, they will more than happy and turn to support your business.


Using word-of-mouth normally will impact your blog instantly. For example, if you are in conversation with your friends and you tell them about your business and the blog.

They surely start listening to you and pay attention. They will be more excited and proud of you having such a great business.

Let’s say you are doing t-shirt printing business. Your friend instantly will browse your blog and read through in one short. They might forget your blog on the following day. That’s normal.

But on the other occasion, you already instill in their mind that if other of their friends asking for t-shirt printing services, it will trigger them and definitely remember and recommend you.

2. Facebook

As of April 2018, there are more than 2.2 billion Facebook users registered and using their platform. It’s a huge market with lots of possibilities.

You don’t want to miss the tremendous opportunity of traffic in the Facebook. The best way to promote the business blog through Facebook is creating a fan page.

The fan page able to cater unlimited follower or fans while personal profile only up to 5000 friends.

The fan page also has many useful insights to track and analyze your followers, traffic, and performances.

Put your business name and other necessary information on the fan page. Upload pictures, tips and video related to your business. The things to do with the fan page is almost the same with the blog.

It’s absolutely free and ready within seconds. At the first stage, you can invite your friend’s list to like your fan page.

Then, everytime you publish a new article on the blog, you should share the link on the Facebook page. It increases engagement to the blog post.

Friends -> Facebook Fanpage -> Blog

3. Twitter

With 330 million users worldwide, Twitter also provides a great platform for you to promote the blog. The unique way of Twitter is the use of the hashtag (#).


How I use Twitter to promote the blog by sharing the blog post link.

In Google search engine, the hashtag is similar to the keyword. People arrived at your Twitter tweet using the hashtag that you specify earlier.

As an ethical person, use the hashtag in the proper manner. Don’t spam you tweet with lots of unrelated hashtags for the sake of keyword.

It shows bad impression to your readers because they think you only care about traffic instead of delivering useful content.

The concept of a tweet is almost the same as the Facebook post. You share your blog link on the tweet and people will click then it will redirect to your business blog.

Twitter -> Tweet with Hashtag -> Blog

3. Pinterest

Some people called Pinterest is “visual search engine” because your search will return with the thousands of images.

Did you know that Pinterest also has great potential to increase blog traffic?

All you need is to sign-up with Pinterest and pin your image to the board. The excellent opportunity to gain traffic is by joining the Pinterest group board.

It similar to facebook group but all with images. The board is joined by several dedicated contributors and you also can become one of them.

The traffic comes from the large followers of the board. The more followers, the higher your chances to reach more peoples. Means, more traffic to your blog.

I’ve joined several Pinterest board. First of all, you need to contact the group administrator asking them to become the contributor.

Thanks to the group administrator who accept me as one of the contributors. I really appreciate it.

I’m now able to Pin the image to the Pinterest board as much as I want according to the board rules.

4. Blog Comment

The blog comment is the evergreen technique to promote your business blog. If you read numerous articles on the Internet about how to increase traffic to blog like 3x More Traffic To Your Blog by BloggingWizard.com, most of them suggest the same.

Blogger needs attention. They need your comment to the post. By looking at the comment, the blogger knows that the post reaches to the target reader. The blogger knows that the post being read by peoples.

how to blog commentEncourage visitor to comment. Credit image DeviantArt.com

Same applies to you. Apart from link building between your blog to another blog, it also creates a community bonding.

You gain the benefit of their blog post brings you to trust the blog. You follow them and contribute to drop the comment to the post.

But blog comment is not just a plain and not inspiring words like:

“Thank you. Great post!”

“That’s a good article.”

“Very useful post”

As a good reader, to submit a comment to the specific blog, you need to express your idea, suggestion even the criticism.

When peoples read your comment, it increases your value not only to the blog owner but also to the other reader. It’s because you help others with your comment.

With a constructive comment, you gain attention from others. The chances for your blog link to be click is much higher.

5. Update Services

The next tips to promote your business blog is using update services. When you published a new blog post, WordPress automatically will notify (via ping service) to the Update Services.

As the result, Update Services will get notified about your new blog article. The search engine also will quickly index your post.

By default, WordPress have set default Update Services to http://rpc.pingomatic.com. You can check in the Settings -> Writings.

To make your blog index faster and quicker, you should add other Update Services to the fields.

You may copy and paste the Update Services below and add to your blog. Separate multiple service URLs with line breaks. The list as below:


6. Submit to Google and Bing Search Engine Directory

As a new blog, you are highly depending on the search engine for the visitors reach to your blog.

The search engine is the great bridge between your blog and the potential visitor. Don’t even ignore them.

top search engine

The top search engine in the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to submit blog URL.

Then, what you need to do is to submit your URL  to the multiple search engine. You may start to submit to the popular search engine such as:

  • Google. Click here to submit URL to Google search engine.
  • Bing. Click here to submit URL to Bing search engine. After you submit, you need to verify the XML files. Just follow the step by step provided by Bing.

7. Submit to Search Engine Submission

The function of search engine submission website is acting as a single portal. It provides free manual and auto submission to more than 50 search engine and directory.

In fact, it saves your time because you don’t need to submit your blog URL one by one to each search engine. All you need is one-time submission and the rest is doing by the search engine submission website.

The popular search engine submission website such as:

You can use their services. After all, it’s free.

8. Email Signature

Why I do not mention about email subscriber? Because as a new business blog, obviously, you don’t have any single person on your email list. You can slowly build your subscriber later.

To replace email subscriber list, you can use an email signature. Most of the email client has the features to create your own style of signature.

For me, the best is to include your name, contact number and blog URL. That’s more than enough. When people receive your email with the information above, they know how to contact and reach you.

9. Internet Forum

One of the oldest discussion ways on the internet is the forum. Some might call discussion board or online discussion.

In the end, it’s the same which provide space for people to ask for question and others will provide the answer.

You also can be a forumer and share your expertise related to your business mission. For example, if you are running t-shirt printing, you can join T-shirt Forums.

join internet forum

Join internet forum to share expertise. Credit image comunicacionactiva.com

It’s the t-shirt community forum where people sharing their t-shirt printing expertise, experience, technique, and tutorials.

To promote your business blog on the forum, you can add your blog URL in the signature. Your blog link to appear at the bottom of your forum post.

The concept of using a forum is same as the blog comment. You share your knowledge and get attention by other forumer.

When they realize that you are helping to the people problem, they will search for more about your profile.

Other forumer start clicks to your link and reads your blog. You get a new visitor and hopefully, they will come again as returning visitor.

Forum -> Help people ->Signature -> Click signature -> Blog

10. Whatsapp Group

Other tips that also convincing is using Whatsapp Group. I believe you have at least more than three Whatsapp group.

I guess maybe the group of secondary school, college, and residential area.

You don’t need to spam the group with the hard sell. Just use daily conversation to introduce your business. For example, you may post like this.

“Next month we will have the reunion party. It awesome to have t-shirt. I can provide t-shirt printing with great design for our classmate. You can see the design here, www.yourwebsiteprinting.com.”

That’s it for promoting a new business blog. For the fast result, you can also use paid advertising but you have to invest some money in it. In the beginning, this free methods is a good way to start promoting your blog.

What technique are you using to promote your blog? Share with us on the comment below.


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  1. Hey! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog. Is it very hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Many thanks

    1. Hi September,

      In order to setup a blog is pretty straightforward base on your purpose. I’ve compiled the step-by-step to create a blog in an ebook. You may download it for free at subscriber form.

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