8 Tips How to Write Blog Posts That Sell

write blog posts that sell

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According to WordPress.com, there are more than 77 million blog posts published each month. That’s only on Wordpress.com but how about on other platforms? Surely the number is much higher and not possible to reach more than 100 million.

There are so many blog posts. If the post is just for fun without any intention for money, we can ignore it for a while.

But since we are in the business blog, it means most of the blog posts should be returned with dollar and cents. We need the profit on every blog marketing we have done.

The blog posts are no different from a sales letter. The concept is almost the same. It’s a technique on how you educate the customer with the hope of close the sales at the end of the process.

Since the customer not able to face-to-face with you, then the trust between you and them is the main key. It should be built in order to make your blog post much persuasive to sell.

The question is, how to write blog posts that sell?

Let’s find out.

1. Raise Customer Problem

In the first place, you already have the product and you know the customer. That the fundamental things to have. Good!

Now, raised the problem that intrudes your customer. In your blog post, you should write the details of the problem.

The problem should address customer emotion, physical, fear or anything that lead your customer uncomfortable.

For example, if you sell a lost weight product, it can be:

  • “Feel too troublesome to move”
  • “Clothes not fit in due to big stomach”

As you can see, the problem that been raised is related to difficulty or pain. The word “troublesome” and “not fit” directly smashes into customer emotion.

If your potential customer read the line, it will trigger their mind to agree with you because the problem pointed to their issue. They nailed. In the end, the customer starts to read more and more.

That’s the first technique write blog posts that sell. Now we continue to the next tips.

2. Impact of the Problem

Customer aware and acknowledge about their problem. The next step is to make it more painful. You have to tell them what is impact or implication of the problem.

Relate between cause and effect. The impact is the risk that your customer will face for the stubbornness of dragging the problem.

Impact of the Problem

Let’s use the same situation:

Problem: Feel too troublesome to move.
Impact: Lead increase weight and high risk of illness.

Problem: Clothes not fit in due to a big stomach.
Impact: Lost personality and not look charming.

The harder the problem, the high risk of the impact. To write blog posts that sell is not only depend on the physical aspect. The impact which triggers the emotion really drive the customer to make the corrections.

Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman says that 95 percent of purchase decision making done in the subconscious mind. The emotions that evoke us.

In our example, is the fear which leads the mind to take the purchase decision.

3. Solution to The Problem 

The next step is to offer the solution. Don’t ever let your potential customer alone with their problem.

We as a business entity should offer the answer. It’s not to take advantages but to offer assistance. They now really need your help but how to achieve that?

For a good solution should not directly look like to sell a product. It should be in soft sell. It comes with art to provide a win-win situation for you and them.

You can start with learning to the customer concern. Acknowledge their expression and finally, you should say, “we are here to help you!

This word is the gatekeeper of your product. When the customer says yes, then you can start with the value of the product. Offer to them the benefits specific to their problem.

We have been apprised that some product claim to have 1001 benefits but your customer only concern about one problem. The one and only problem.

That’s your main target. Focus 100% on it. Try harder to provide the best solution to that particular problem.

As a good seller, you should not sell and forget (hit and run). Build a long relationship with them.

Next, in your blog post, you should clearly mention your dedicated support to them even after sales. Your customer surely loves to hear that.

4. Testimonial

People buy when other people buy. Your work becomes much easier when other people talking good about your product.

One good testimonial is great enough to gain new customer confidence to get your product. It attracts more and more people.

On the blog, select the best testimonial you have and spread it to the public. Let the new customer know that you do not just flatter yourself.

With customer recommendation, you approach to write blog posts that sell look more convincing.

5. Authority Certification

You can claim your product was pure and safe. You can say your product was environmental friendly but without certification from authority, it looks inadequate.


Authority certification is very important in order to endorse your product. It becomes more important for a product which related to life such as cosmetic, supplement, food and beverage.

A good certificate like:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification from to guarantees the integrity of the product manufacturing process and comply with safety regulations.
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points( HACCP) for safety management and quality
  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to ensure confidence in the delivery of food is safe to consumers.

You’re responsible with people living, then you need backing by expertise body.

Put all those authority certifications in your blog posts. The more you have, the better your customer perception of your solution.

6. Warranty and Responsibility

What is your assurance of your product? Most people will provide a warranty. You should have one.

The warranty to release customer fear to try your product. With warranty, they get a guarantee if the product not as your justification.

For the warranty, the customer might get:

  • Money back within a certain period of time. 7 days maybe.
  • Product warranty such as one to one replacement. IKEA provide free 10 years warranty to most of their product. We might not like IKEA, but we can give the same warranty maybe 6 months.
  • Technical support after purchase. For me, it’s also a warranty to assist them. Great web hosting company like SiteGround provide instantly reply on live chat once you log an issue to them. You should consider it.
  • Free consultancy either by yourself or by a group. Invite your customer to join Facebook or Whatsapp group to learn more about the value of the product.

7. Hope

Do you want to write blog posts that sell? Sell to human, right? Then include the element of a human being. Pray to them, give a good hope. This is the result of your product.

One thing I learn from a great company is, whatever policy and standard of procedure they ever practice in the company, at the end of the day are to provide the customer satisfaction.

It’s a good hope you customer want from their investment in the product.

8. Call-to-action (CTA)

You have done a good job to write blog posts that sell, now it should end with action. Put Call-to-action (CTA) at the of the blog post. Instruct them to make the purchase.

In business, if no transaction been made by the customer, no point having a business. The business is to make money by selling a product.

The good call-to-action are:

  • Buy Now
  • Get Now
  • Click to Solve Your Problem
  • Get It Today!
  • Limited Time, Get Now!

The best practice is to repeat CTA to every section of the blog post because a desperate customer sometimes clicks on CTA in the middle of the posts. Why need to read the whole story if your blog can convince them just to read 200 words?

Hope you got some ideas from my sharing.

What do you do to write blog posts that sell?

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