My Own Experience: How to Transfer Website to SiteGround

SiteGround web hosting plan

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Reputable web hosting in terms of speed, reliability, and uptime is crucial to a blog. I’m making bold decision to transfer my blog to SiteGround. This is due to high impression after reading lots of positive reviews that SiteGround can offer great features.

That’s only other people review. Everbody can claim anything.

No visitor wants to browse a slow website. When browsing to a certain website, then waiting for the information to be loading for more than 10 seconds, immediately we will exit and might not come back. Waste of time.

Then I decided to experience by myself.

For me, I’m only satisfied with something ( like web hosting) if it can serve my purpose. For the web hosting, I’m looking for better performance and features in all area.

If SiteGround can fulfill and suite me perfectly, then I’m confident to recommend to others.

The reasons I’m switching from previous web hosting to SiteGround are:

  • Worldwide targeted visitor. I’m targeting US and Europe visitors.
  • SiteGround has a feature called SuperCacher with 4x faster speed for website
  • Free encrypted secure connection (SSH and SFTP). Secured web connection.
  • Auto daily backup (30 copies)
  • Live chat support with less than 10 minutes response time. Save my time.
  • Affordable price ($3.95 per month) with 60% discount. Save my money.

Web Hosting

All features above not applicable on the previous hosting. Then, transfer website to SiteGround by using their services can be great action by me.

Today should be better than yesterday, tomorrow should be better than today.

We have the option to be better day by day. It’s similar decision when to choose better web hosting. Why not give a try?

Then, how to transfer website to SiteGround? I’ve divided into 3 phases as follows:

  1. Phase 1 – Choosing Web Hosting Plan
  2. Phase 2 – Transfer Website to SiteGround
  3. Phase 3 – Updating Domain Name Server (DNS) to SiteGround
  4. Phase 4 – Access Website at SiteGround Hosting

You also can refer below image for the summary on migrating website to SiteGround.

user access website
User access website on the previous web hosting
transfer website to siteground
Transfer website to SiteGround
User access website to SiteGround hosting

Let’s follow the step-by-step for each phase as below:

#1. Phase 1 – Choosing Web Hosting Plan

1. Go to

2. Click on Website Transfer

3. Click on Sign Up Now button and it will bring you to hosting plan. Choose wisely according to your requirement and need.

4. It’s important for you to read and research the plan in details which offered by SiteGround. Take your time. It takes 2 weeks for me to decide for StartUp plan.

SiteGround web hosting plan

5. Once decided, Click on Get Started.

6. Choose domain. You are given two (2) options; Register a new domain or using existing domain. Since I already have a domain (, then I choose option 2. If you already have a domain, insert in the space provided. Click on Proceed.

7. Fill up the forms on each section A, B, C and D

8. Section A: Personal Information – email and password. This will be used to create an account with SiteGround. If you already have an account with SiteGround, simply log in to your account.

9. Section B: Client Information – name, company name (if applicable), address and phone number

10. Section C: Payment Information – credit or debit card information. SiteGround accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

11. Section D: Purchase Information. I choose StartUp with the data center at Chicago (USA) as to meet my earlier objective (surf worldwide visitor).

12. I choose 12 months (1 years) instead of 36 months (3 years) for the period of subscription.

If you look at below comparison, surely you will save more if go for 3 years. It can save you $216. The great saving for SiteGround is the longer you with them, the value for money you will get.

saving on siteground

The saving part was great. No doubt about it but my approach to web hosting, I’m usually going on the yearly basis.

I need feel and experience at least for 1 year. For one year, I still enjoy $72 saving. Still awesome!

There are two reasons why I’m subscribed for 1 years instead of 3 years:

  1. The good and bad experience for the year. If bad, no more for the next year. If good, I will maintain with SiteGround. Anything can happen but I hope all is well.
  2. The blog growth. I need more space, bandwidth and features if this blog significantly growth throughout the year. For StartUp, the monthly estimation visitor can handle up to 10,000 visits. If this blog received more than 100k monthly traffic, then StartUp plan is no longer fit in. Perhaps, I should go for GoGeek.

On SiteGround web hosting, the special price (discount) applies for the period of subscription. As for my case, I’m subscribed for 1 year, then for the 2nd year onward, I required to pay regular price.

Apart from that, I also enjoy saving on website file transfer. SiteGround offer it for free. It saves me another $30. Since I’m not experienced and confident enough to do the website migration, this value added is a great service by them.

For transfer website to SiteGround, the most part that afraid me was the data loss such as blog post, image and theme setting. It’s a nightmare if happen to me. Thanks for offering this kind of service for free.

13. Another option is SG Site Scanner, which I do not opt for it

  1. Finally, you’re advised to read all the information, then read Terms of Services. It’s necessary to understand the terms forced by SiteGround.
  2. Once satisfy, tick on the box. Finally, Click Pay Now.

#2. Phase 2 – Transfer Website to SiteGround

1. Once payment has been made, you will receive an email notification from SiteGround. The first email is the receipt and the second email is a guideline on how to transfer the website to SiteGround.

2. Let take a look at the 2nd email. There are two important things to be done; firstly to transfer the website and secondly to update the Domain Name Server (DNS) to SiteGround.

launch wizard transfer website siteground

3. In the 2nd email, you will see above image, just ignore to click on Launch Wizard. All you need is just to log in to your SiteGround User Area account.

4. Log in to the user area and request for the assistance to transfer website to SiteGround. It’s provided for free.

5. Click Support -> Transfer Website

6. Select Category to Website Transfer

7. Select Account to the domain associated with this the new hosting

8. On Where do you transfer from? Tick on I am transferring from another web host.

9. Choose cPanel

10. Provide the former/previous cPanel details such as URL, username, password and former host provider. If your former host provider not in the list, you may choose other and specify in the space provided.

website transfer - fill up cpanel info
website transfer - fill up cpanel info

11. On the form above, you will remind with three important notices.

12. Notice 1 – The domain not been transfer to SiteGround. Then you need to point DNS for your domain to SiteGround by yourself. Since I purchase the domain from different web hosting company (not SiteGround), the DNS needs to update separately. I will show you in Phase 3- Updating Domain Name Server (DNS) to SiteGround

13. Notice 2 – Transfering of email, FTP account, addon not managed by cPanel. I’ve to recreate email address after transfer to SiteGround. For backup, you need to download all email address before transfer the website to SiteGround. For me, the easy way is using Email Client such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail because you email still available even the website already been transferred.

14. Notice 3 – Transfering and installation of SSL purchased with the previous web hosting company. You have to reconfigure it but if you yet to install SSL (like me on this blog), don’t worry, SiteGround offered with free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt. It’s another great value added by SiteGround.

15. On Post an Enquiry, you may specify any instructions or request to SiteGround.

16. Set the notification to send to your email address.

17. Tick agree to Terms and Condition.

18. Click transfer - fill up cpanel info

19. Once the transfer website form been submitted, a ticket will be open for you. The technical support will review your request and start to transfer website to SiteGround from your previous web hosting.

20. Keep monitoring your email inbox. As for my case, it only takes 16 minutes for technical support to reply my request. For me, it’s very fast response.

response ticket siteground

21. Technical support will inform you the process of transfer website to Siteground.

22. Since on my previous web hosting able to host 5 domain (websites) and SiteGround plan that I subscribe only able to host 1 domain, then the technical support give the option either to upgrade to the higher plan (which can host 5 domain) or just transfer 1 domain.

23. Then I choose only 1 domain ( to be transferred.

24. The technical support starts to transfer your website.

25. Once complete, SiteGround will update the status via email or you may find on support ticket system.

3. Phase 3 – Updating Domain Name Server (DNS) to SiteGround

1. Your website data already transfer to SiteGround but in order to access the website, you have to point the domain to SiteGround DNS as follows:

2. It will take up to 24 hours for your domain to be resolve to SiteGround. In my experience, less than 1 hour.

3. To verify your website already on SiteGround, you may go to and check on it. The result for my blog as below:check webhosting website

4. Phase 4 – Access Website at SiteGround Hosting

1. Congratulation, you website successful transfer and hosted on SiteGround.

2. Browse your website as usual. It’s still the same website but with lots of improvement.

3. To access the cPanel, you may access your SiteGround User Area.

4. Click My Account -> Go to cPanel

5. It’s same features available on my previous hosting except for additional great features such as SuperCacher and Let’s Encypt.

6. The greatest value after transfer website to Siteground is this blog is faster and secure to the visitors. Awesome!

With all the information, I hope can assist you to transfer the website to SiteGround. If you experience any difficulty during transfer or before transfer, kindly contact SiteGround via Live Chat. They are very responsive and helpful.

See you in next post!